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Running a project has never been easier.

Introduction to how it works

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How It Works

Making money from real estate has never been easier.

Find a Deal

There/s more than one way to cook an egg, there are just as many ways to find a good real estate deal. Get creative! It doesn’t matter how you find your deal – as long as it passes the approval process you’re able to get funding.

If you are a complete beginner there are tons of videos on YouTube that explain the wholesaling process. Spend some time learning the process and apply your skills when you feel like you’re ready.


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Approval Process

We have a team of real estate analysts working 24/7 to review your deal. You’ll hear back from us once an analyst confirms the details of your deal is accurate. Our response time is instant, in some cases your deal may take some extra time but will never take more than 1 hour.

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Show it to the World!

Once your post is approved we will post it for the world to see. You can also share your link with family and friends to raise funding.

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Track Progress

Follow up on your deal until you reach your goal.

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Once your deal has funded you pay day is near! Flipshares will have it’s team of real estate professionals manage the aquisition, hire contractors, manage the renovation & repay your investors.

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